10 Facts About Periods That Are Actually Big Myths Never To Worry About


In a lifetime, a woman has around 450 periods and in each period they lose 2 fl oz’s of blood. This entire process isn’t even free as women have to spend a total of more than $6000 for their hygiene related products. These statistics aren’t even taken into consideration by most of us and we don’t even know most of our own body features. For women around the world, this time of the month can be really traumatic because of the pain and cramps not to forget the PMS syndrome that makes one irritable too. But there are a lot of false advice concerning periods and this article will tell you reality of most of the myths regarding periods. This article can help you forget about many stereotypes and make you feel comfortable about your periods. 

1. You’re not allowed to take a bath

During periods, some women avoid having baths because they think that bleeding is encouraged and they can get infected. In reality, the endometrial wall separates from the endometrium. Water can’t affect it severely. 

A hot bath is good during your periods

You can be benefited by having a hot bath during your periods. The functioning of the blood vessels is improved, the smooth muscles are relaxed and menstrual cramps can be reduced by having bath with hot water. You will feel better after having a bath with hot water. You should wash your bath before you get in and if you’re still cautious about it, it is recommended to use a tampon. 

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