10+ Quick First Aid Tips That Can Save Your Day


Knowing the basic facts of first aid can literally help you save lives, including your own. When you find yourself in the middle of an emergency situation, it’s best to know how to assess a situation, what you can do to help, and even know the difference between what helps and what doesn’t. Let’s just say a simple gauze pad is usually more effective than a tourniquet when dealing with bleeding.

We at Bright Side always want you up-to-date on how to take care of yourself, so we’ve prepared some quick first aid tips that could one day save your life!

1. Wounds


Whenever you are dealing with a wound, you should always try to elevate it above the level of your heart. This calms swelling and helps fluid drain away from the area. If your wound is on your hips or buttocks, lie down and elevate it with pillows. If you are unable to elevate the wound, try to keep it at heart level or as close as possible.

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