15 Surprising Beauty Hacks and Secrets That You Wish You Had Known About Sooner


4. A healthy body

To make an anti-cellulite wrap at home, take 2 tablespoons of ground ginger, 5 tablespoons of cosmetic clay, and mix with 10 tablespoons of lukewarm water. Now apply the mixture to your sides, belly, hips and arms. Then wrap the areas with plastic wrap. Keep the wrap on for an hour. After that shower with warm water. Keep doing this once every week. 

5. To make your legs smoother

One of the best depilation methods is sugaring. It isn’t as painful and won’t cause skin irritation. It removes ingrown bristle like hairs. In 1/4th glass water, mix 2 glasses sugar and 1/4th glass lemon juice. Heat on low flame till golden color and allow to cool. Now apply this like a wax on your legs against the hair growth. Now with a sharp tug, remove the paste. 


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