9 Signs You’re Gluten Sensitive, and This Is Important to Know


“Not so many years ago, the gluten-free lifestyle was reserved for an obscure cluster of people who were forced to settle for wannabe foods that resembled sawdust but didn’t taste as good.

Today, the gluten-free lifestyle is sweeping the world with the force of a really big blowtorch, and the ramifications are enormous. Gluten-free products abound (and are a far cry from the foods people used to choke down), labels are far less ambiguous, and people no longer look at you like you have four heads when you ask for a burger without the bun.

Gluten is called a silent killer because it can cause chronic damage throughout the body. Sometimes the patient isn’t even aware of the consequences of gluten consumption. So, it’s better to check if your body has a gluten intolerance.

Being gluten-free isn’t about being on a diet. It’s about living a lifestyle. Whether you’ve been gluten-free for decades or are only considering the idea of giving up gluten, this book is loaded with information that can affect every aspect of your life, from the obvious — your health and how you shop, cook, and eat — to more subtle facets, like minimizing expenses, socializing, dealing with friends and family, and managing various emotional ups and downs. This book is the reference guide you need to help you with all those aspects. It’s your reference for living — and loving — a gluten-free lifestyle.”

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1. Problems with the gastrointestinal tract

These are some of the “classic” — though not the most common — symptoms of Gluten Sensitivity related to gastrointestinal:
– Abdominal pain and distension
– Acid reflux
– Bloating
– Constipation
– Diarrhea
– Gas and flatulence
– Greasy, foul-smelling, floating stools
– Nausea

People often associate these symptoms with other diseases. And the patients are mistakenly diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Studies confirm that 10-15% of the world population suffers from IBS. But this diagnosis can lead to people with gluten sensitivity who don’t receive proper treatment so the symptoms don’t disappear.

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